Seniors Are Feeling Good About Feeling Clean With The Portable Bidet For Perfect Personal Hygiene

Get cleaner, easier, no matter what your age!

My dad had an issue recently and I’m fortunate he was comfortable with me enough to even bring it up.

Dad is aging and it’s getting slightly more difficult for him to perform some of his normal daily hygiene. Specifically, he’s finding it difficult to clean himself after going #2.

This is a common issue many people have as they age but they’re usually too embarrassed to bring it up to anyone to get help! So many seniors, or those who are overweight or suffer from mobility issues, deal with this exact problem, in silence!

Arthritis has zapped my dad’s wrist strength and it’s far from what it used to be. This makes the ‘wiping’ action so many of us take for granted almost impossible for him.

Toilet paper is annoying and unsanitary, Bidets have been proven to be clean and easy!

I knew I had to do something. Dad spent so much of his life giving to others and I wanted to make sure his retirement years were lived in comfort, not pain!

I knew just the thing that would solve his problem perfectly. A bidet!

If you don’t know what a bidet is, then you’ve been missing out. People in Europe and Asia have been using them for what seems like forever! Bidets are equipped in nearly every toilet and they make cleaning your privates effortless!

Bidets basically shower your bottom. They attach conveniently to a toilet and spray a stream of clean water that cleanses and washes waste away rather than just wiping it around with some toilet paper.

The Blaux Bidet works easily in any home, office, or hotel.

I immediately went online and started looking for one. That was when I saw the Blaux Portable Bidet. It was perfect and just the thing I was looking for!

In fact, it was even better than a normal bidet because this one was lightweight, compact and portable to take anywhere, and it was much easier to direct the flow of water than with a toilet-attached bidet.

I looked at some of the user reviews and people were over the moon about this thing. I ordered one immediately.

The Next Stage In Personal Hygiene

I went and visited my dad and took him aside. That’s when I gave him his new bidet.

He was surprised. It was something he wasn’t expecting! But I told him to keep an open mind and give it an honest try.

I told him about why bidets were so amazing, and why they were set to become all the rage here in the West once word of mouth started getting around.

Perfect For Those With Mobility Issues

The Blaux Bidet is an absolute lifesaver for anyone suffering from mobility issues. If you’re in your Golden Years or even if you’re overweight, properly cleaning yourself is a terrible burden. The Blaux Bidet will ease your frustrations INSTANTLY!

Designed For A Complete Clean

Imagine getting up from the dinner table, taking your dirty dishes to the sink, giving them a wipe with a dry cloth, and putting them back in the cupboard. Would you do that? Of course not! You wash the dirt off of them first! Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Effortless To Use

Simply fill the reservoir with tap water and use the simple one-button functionality to spray a stream of water for efficient cleansing. The Blaux Bidet has both Low and High spray settings for perfect cleaning for those of any age.

More Gentle Than Toilet Paper

TP irritates the skin, and a lot of brands use bleach in their manufacturing, which is terrible for us! The gentle stream of water that the Blaux Bidet provides is the most comfortable way to “wipe” that you’ll ever experience.

Portable For On-The-Go Use Anywhere

Conveniently sized to go where you do, the Blaux Bidet is the ideal hygiene accessory when you’re on-the-go. Never worry about disgusting public bathrooms with empty TP dispensers ever again!

Feel Good About Feeling Clean

But there’s a hidden benefit you get from using the Blaux Bidet that surprised, and impressed, my dad.

My entire family has always been eco-conscious. So when we found out that Americans use much more toilet paper than anyone else in the world, we were shocked! MILLIONS of trees are unnecessarily felled just for toilet paper! And the amount of pollution generated to transport, process, and bleach them, all to end up down the drain is insane!

Millions of trees are knocked down every year just for toilet paper.

Experts have long agreed that we need to reduce our waste if we’re ever going to live sustainably. And the Blaux Bidet is the perfect device to help you do just that! By reducing the waste you use each time you flush, you’re contributing to a better, more sustainable planet. You’ll feel good about feeling clean!

My Dad’s Experience With The Blaux Bidet...

… was a HUGE success! If you’re having difficulty properly cleaning yourself after using the toilet then the Blaux Bidet could be the solution to your problem. It was for my dad!

I was busy at work when the call came through so I couldn’t take it. But listen to the voicemail my dad left me after a few days of using the Blaux Bidet:

“Michael, I can’t believe it! I honestly thought this thing was kind of silly when you dropped it off to me. But after looking it up online, I decided to take a chance and try it out. I love it! It works perfectly. I don’t have to exert any effort to ‘wipe’ now and I feel cleaner than I ever did before. I recommended this awesome bidet to a couple of the guys in my weekly men’s group who were dealing with similar mobility issues as I am, and now they’re loving it, too! We all can’t thank you enough for letting us in on this amazing secret.”

Seniors everywhere are ecstatic about the Blaux Bidet!

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