This Neck Massager is Turning Heads, Literally! You Won’t Believe Its Pain-Killing Power Until You Try it!

Written by Ben Johnson

Now that people are finding themselves at home more often, its important to put self-care at the forefront. Whether it’s a plant-based diet, meditation, stress-relieving activities, or stretching and exercise, our health is something we cannot take for granted.

Innovative devices like the NeckRelax neck massager can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle without having to change your routine.

Being a chiropractor for the last 30 years, I have seen many patients come in with neck and back injuries that could have been easily treated but were ignored and became much more serious.

So, when I discovered NeckRelax, I wanted to see for myself if this could be the solution we’ve all been waiting for.


When you first see NeckRelax, it might be hard to imagine that this device could really improve your health. But what many people don’t know, is how minor neck injuries can affect your entire body. There are many things we do daily that cause neck pain:

•    Looking down at our phones (commonly known as ‘text neck’)
•    Poor posture

•    Working at a desk for prolonged periods

•    Improper sleep position

•    Stress and anxiety
•    Improper technique when working out

NeckRelax is a neck massager that stimulates your muscles using EPM (electronic pulse massage) for instant relief. Unlike other massagers, NeckRelax has special pads that send electric pulses throughout your body. You can even place the pads on other areas for a full-body massage.

And with the growing concern around physical contact because of the pandemic, it’s a great alternative to massage therapists and even chiropractors like myself. Even before the pandemic, I was recommending this device to patients to speed up recovery and provide relief from neck pain.

But why would I recommend this device when I’m a chiropractor?

Some people think that devices like NeckRelax would be putting me out of business, but neck injuries require more attention than I can give. When patients come in with neck pain, its still their responsibility to take care of it when they go home. That means doing daily exercises and relieving the pain with massage.

NeckRelax is an effective solution for people that are looking for fast relief that they can take everywhere and use anytime at their own convenience. You simply place the device around your neck and turn it on. It’s super comfortable and you have complete control over the EPM settings, so you can adjust it to your own preference. This form of massage is great to use at home or at work.

It even comes with 2 EPM “pulse pads” that you can stick literally anywhere on your body. It’s not just for your neck – if you have pain in your lower back or on your legs, you can send targeted pain relief wherever you need it most.


Along with the EPM pads, the NeckRelax uses infrared heat to penetrate deep into your tissue and improve blood circulation. Infrared therapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation of both acute and chronic pain. But it’s important to know when the best time is to use it and for how long.

Infrared heat is best used for pain and inflammation. Usually when injuries occur, to prevent swelling, you would ice it immediately. Heat is usually used to penetrate through many layers of skin, which is why it is recommended to use on older or reoccurring injuries, especially neck and lower back pain.

NeckRelax provides infrared heat around your neck, but this can also help with other pain in your shoulders and back. Ten minutes a day is all you need to feel drastic results.

Other benefits of NeckRelax:

•    Effective treatment for stress and anxiety
•    Hands-free (no need for contact by anyone else!)
•    Portable
•    Works fast (about 10 minutes a day)
•    Infrared thermal technology
•    Magnetic therapy
•    Electrical muscle stimulation
•    Full body treatment
•    Total relaxation and stimulation
•    Easy setup

Something that I really like about NeckRelax is how easy it is to use. Other massagers might require you to move them around your body or be super-bulky, but NeckRelax sits on your neck and does all the work for you. There are only 4 buttons! This isn’t some kind of supercomputer or something you’d have to call your grandkids to help figure out!

It’s fully portable too, so you can bring it anywhere you want! I’ve brought it with my wife on road trips and even though I’m sitting in an old, uncomfortable car for hours, I would come out looking like I just got the most relaxing massage… from myself!

This isn’t some cheap ball roller that barely does anything or a massive unit that will push your electric bills through the roof. It’s also not one of those thousand-dollar home massage chairs.


It’s more effective, more efficient, and won’t send you to the poor house just for buying it!

I find its most relaxing after a long day at work when it’s time to unwind. Finding a comfortable position on the couch and leaving the device around my neck for at least 10 minutes makes a huge difference. I even find it improves my sleep quality because I don’t get woken up every hour by painful muscle spasms.

NeckRelax could change your entire lifestyle! No more medications, no unnecessary doctor visits, and no expensive bills!


“I was having trouble sleeping at night because of terrible neck and back pain. I even bought one of those expensive pillows that are supposed to mold into the shape of your body, but that didn’t work. I didn’t think something as simple as a 10 minute massage would be what would cure me. This is a real game changer.” – Sarah J.

“It’s been hard for me to keep up with my grandkids lately. I’m usually sore only after a few minutes and need to sit down. NeckRelax has helped my pain and now I feel comfortable taking the kids for the day” – Mark M.

“I used to wake up with the worst neck pain. I started every morning with ibuprofen, but it only helped for a couple hours. Ever since using NeckRelax, I can get back to my normal routine. Even spending a whole day gardening doesn’t trigger any pain!” – Pam H.


If you search online, I’m sure you’ll find some knock offs of NeckRelax or even just cheaply-made neck massagers.

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