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Welcome to Coupon65!  

My name is Ben Johnson and I'm the founder of Coupon65.

Coupon65 started out as a small hobby project of mine a long time ago, long before any advanced search engines or smartphones.. My goal was to find and collect all senior discounts in one place and then put it up on the website that I created, in Microsoft Frontpage, for my grandmother and her friends to see. It wasn't much, but soon this website came to grow organically through word of mouth in the Senior community.

Many years later, we are still here, and we have now grown from a one-man hobby project to a company with over 25 employees and we now deliver Senior Discounts to millions of Seniors each year. We are very happy to have you onboard, and we hope you'll get a lot of value of your membership at Coupon65.

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Once again, welcome to Coupon65!

Best Regards
Ben Johnson