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"I received mine and I started using it right away. Came in a nice package, got started quickly and I am super happy ever since. I love it. It does everything my previous phone did, except twice as good."


Fred C. Sep 22, 2019

"It works good, it is simple, robust, worth every penny. I would never have been able to afford the latest Samsung model so I am glad I can still have a great phone regardless."


Pajeet A. Sep 21, 2019

"Wow! I'm kind of a geek so naturally I like to disassemble all my electronics. I was pleasantly impressed with the engineering inside the XONE phone!"


Jim S. Sep 24, 2019

"It really is super fast! I have had mine for a few months now and I've never seen it loading, everything just happens instantly. It's great because I'm an important person who does not have any time to waste"


Claude Sep 20, 2019

"Got one from my company, it works great and I have nothing bad to say at all, everything has been great."

Save 50% on XONE Phone

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